NCCC edifice plan prompts concern

To the editor:

I read today (Monday) in the Press-Republican that North Country Community College proposes to build a “Welcome Center” on property to be owned by the MAYOR, and built by the MAYOR’S COMPANY. This structure is proposed to be 4,200 square feet, two stories, but no estimates of cost or financing were provided.

As to cost, it seems to me that a range of $100 to $200 per square foot is the ballpark. Thus, some half a million to most of a million dollars are required. And taxpayers should keep in mind that such an endeavor is TAX-EXEMPT. No information about where the money is to come from!

It is no wonder to me that the news is filled with remorse about the zooming cost of higher education. The “edifice complex” of countless administrators is directly to blame.

Indirectly to blame is the “EASY MONEY” student loan programs that have built a mounting disaster for the government and students alike.

Supply and demand is still working!

Joseph Blitt

Tupper Lake