Poole’s work featured at NorthWind Fine Arts

SARANAC LAKE – Local artist Larry Poole’s work is being featured at the NorthWind Fine Arts Gallery in June. The exhibit runs from June 4 through June 30. There will be an informal opening Friday with members of the gallery hosting the event. A meet the artist reception will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on June, 20, the date of the first Art Walk of the season.

The gallery is located at 36 Broadway in Saranac Lake.

The concept for the show, “Rails” is based on Poole’s long standing enjoyment of trains and subways. He began using the train and subways when he was in grade school. He would take the train alone from Hartford, Conn. to New York City to visit his Aunt. While visiting, he and his Aunt would often use the subway to get around the City.

Since those early years whenever the opportunity presented itself Larry would take to the rails. In recent years he often takes the Metro North line from Beacon to NYC. On these trips he gathered images that inspired the prints that are featured in “Rails.” In addition to the Metro North line the work also includes prints of the NYC Subway system and one from the new light rail system in Seattle. In talking about his work he stated that many of the prints he develops are based on multiple images. They project rich textures and strong lines but upon further study reveal the various components that make up the print.

Poole’s work has been shown in numerous juried shows and he has participated in a number of group exhibits in the area. He recently returned from Mazatlan, Mexico as part of an artist exchange program between BluSeed Studios and Luna: Arte Contemporneo where his prints were shown. He looks forward to helping host some of the Mexican artists when they visit Saranac Lake later this summer and show there work at BluSeed Studios.

The work that will be shown at NorthWind was made in the timeless process of creating an etched plate, inking the plate, placing a damp piece of paper on the plate, and running it through a hand operated press.