No need for another daytime urgent care clinic in Lake Placid

To the editor:

As a senior citizen on Social Security and Medicare, I am concerned, as all folks my age are, about the financial stability of Medicare.

As I look at emergency room charges, I realize that an average trip costs in the ballpark of $1,500. Since then, I have started using urgi-cares whenever I need to. The way I see it, every time I use an urgi-care, I save Medicare more than $1,300. Certainly there are times I will have to use the ER. I strongly urge all Medicare recipients to use urgi-care when it definitely does not have to be an emergency room visit. I assure you that the care is absolutely outstanding and the long, long wait that sometimes comes along with an ER visit is nonexistent. Usually in about 15 minutes you’ve been seen and are on your way.

While I am on the subject of urgi-care, I can’t help but wonder how Adirondack Health can even consider opening one. I foresee the wait will be comperable to a regular ER wait. It seems to me that this is an idea as preposterous as buying two nursing homes. We, the local citizenry, bear the brunt of these unwise financial decisions. Chandler Ralph will probably move to her home in Saratoga County when she retires, and she won’t have to put up with any of the fallout from closing the Lake Placid ER.

I can sum it all up: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There is not business for two urgi-cares in Lake Placid. If they wanted to have one at night, that might be a help as the regular urgi-care is closed at night. To have it at the same times as the current one operates looks very much like their goal is to run the existing one out of business. Lake Placid may end up with no urgi-cares as they could both lose money.

A doctor stated in an article in your newspaper that the Adirondack Health administration has been less than truthful about the financial revenues of Lake Placid ER.


Jon Bombard

Saranac Lake