Intersection really is confusing

To the editor:

I was so glad to read Brian Mann’s article, “Give me a sign,” in the June 8 paper. He was writing about the kind of stuff that drives me crazy, the lack of signage when you’re trying to get somewhere. The part of Mann’s article that I really got excited to read was his mention of the big, black, double-facing arrow that’s at the intersection by the NBT Bank in town, because it’s been bothering me for years. I can always tell when a poor, confused tourist is stopped there, wondering which way to go, because I can hear, from my house, some local behind him BLASTING his horn to prod the tourist along. I always cringe, hoping that the tourist doesn’t think that the whole town is as impatient. I don’t know the solution to this problem, but I’ll bet our idea-driven mayor could come up with the answer.

Janis Beatty

Saranac Lake