Memorial Day baseball revived

To the editor:

This summer marks the sixtieth season of organized youth baseball in the Saranac Lake area. On Monday May 27, we returned to our roots with the tradition of baseball on Memorial Day! We, the members of the Saranac Lake Youth Baseball and Softball Association, were honored to be allowed to walk with the veterans in the parade and to participate in the ceremonies in the park, as well as to have members of the Veterans Memorial Association present the first pitch and flag ceremony. Our day continued on with great baseball games, the Longest Drive off the Tee, Home Run Derby and a barbecue.

On behalf of the association and all the children, we would like to thank several groups who helped make this day memorable. Thank you to Todd and Greg at Bear Essentials for getting our jerseys done early so we looked like a unified group of ball players, to Elizabeth Amell and Chris Knight for helping to spread the word about the event beforehand through their respective media outlets, and to Mike Sheehan at Price Chopper for your help with our order. Thank you to Mike Ritchie and the grounds crew for making sure the fields were lined and ready for game day.

Thank you to all the parents, coaches and spectators who came to support the kids on what has traditionally been a day of rest for baseball. Thank you to the Veterans Memorial Association for allowing us to share in their day, as well for their continued support of youth baseball! Thank you to Ray Boula and Sgt. Joe Fisher for making the first pitch very special. Thank you to Karina Williams for gracing us with her beautiful rendition of our national anthem. Thank you to the Saranac Lake Teachers Association, Carcuzzi Car Care Center and Can-Am Rugby for their generous donations, which helped fund all the festivities, as well as to Eric VanYserloo and the Veterans Memorial Association for loaning your sound systems. Thank you to our very own Harry Caray for the day, Chris Grimone. Lastly, thank you to Mark Gillis, Jeff Branch and Bill Wilson for all the hard work spent pulling this idea together quickly to make it a rousing success.

We hope to see you all at the ballparks throughout the summer! Of course, we hope to see you at our next Memorial Day Baseball Classic, too!


Danielle Phelan, on behalf of the SLYBSA participants

Saranac Lake