Duprey: Time to deal with overreaching state regulation

ALBANY – State Assemblywoman Janet Duprey says she’s optimistic there could be some mandate relief before the current legislative session wraps up this month.

Outdated and overly burdensome state regulations continue to cripple local communities, businesses and taxpayers, Duprey announced Tuesday in a press release.

“Unfunded mandates have accumulated over the decades and are no longer affordable for communities,” said the Republican from Peru, whose district includes Franklin and Clinton counties. “There needs to be meaningful reform of mandated programs to create real savings versus just shifting the tax burden.”

Duprey said unfunded state mandates may force school consolidations and/or closures, reduce local services, force layoffs and create unsustainable debt. She said the Assembly Minority Conference has long been an advocate for the removal unfunded mandates.

“Now with the Senate Majority Coalition making regulatory reform a priority, we can hope for some realistic results in the near future,” Duprey said.