Major success in getting school computers

To the editor:

On behalf of the students and the staff of Saranac Lake High School, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Saranac Lake High School Parent Faculty Organization for their dedicated and determined efforts to raise funds to purchase technology for the high school.

I would like to acknowledge PFO President LeAnn Baker, Susan Waters, Brian Mann, Tracey Schrader, Terry Buckley, Katie Fischer, Lisa Paschke, Susan Parker, Paul Van Cott and a host of other parents and community members that helped us pull this organization together and focus our efforts. During the past two years, this group organized and held various fundraising efforts with the goal of raising enough money to purchase a mobile computer lab that could be used by students and teachers to expand our ability utilize current technology in educating our students. Notable fundraising events included the Flip-Flop Gala which was held last summer at Mount Pisgah, numerous trivia nights sponsored by Smartypants Trivia at Will Rogers, a spaghetti dinner sponsored by Blue Moon Cafe and Kenny Fontana, a chicken and biscuit dinner at the First United Methodist Church during Winter Carnival, a SLHS winter hat sale and an ongoing Alumni Drive. While this does not include every effort and all individuals, I do want to thank each of the individuals and organizations that helped make our fundraising goals a reality.

The High School PFO recently reached their startup goal by purchasing a mobile cart and 25 Chromebooks, which will be available to staff in order to support their classroom instruction. The Chromebooks were chosen because they will easily interface with the school’s Google-based operating platform and promise to offer the greatest utility for students and staff.

While the High School PFO has realized its short-term startup goal by making this purchase, efforts are already underway to increase the PFO’s capacity to support students and staff at the high school. The Alumni Drive is ongoing, and future fundraising events are planned. In addition, the PFO is seeking new ways to support the programmatic initiatives that allow us to offer the rich educational experience that has made this school such a wonderful place to learn.

I want to close by saying thank you to everyone who helped in this effort along the way. To the parents, the faculty, the students, and all those in the community that took part – THANK YOU! Your generosity and dedication to the students in Saranac Lake is what makes this such a unique and special place to work and live.

Bruce VanWeelden


Saranac Lake High School

Saranac Lake