Both parties letting NSA spy on Americans

To the editor:

I am not shocked to learn of the NSA and its spying on Americans’ phone calls, emails and Internet communications because it started with George W. Bush, a Republican, but he was spying on international communication between the U.S. and foreign countries. Barack Obama, a Democrat, has been exposed as having ALL Americans and foreigners being spied on through phone calls, emails and through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Verizon and who knows what agency is also involved.

The U.S citizens should be outraged at this disclosure. I say that Edward Snowden is a hero, and we need to show our so-called elected officials to stop this illegal practice! The U.S. government has been attacking the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and now the Fourth Amendment! It is time to clean house in the federal government! The Democrats want to allow 11 million illegal aliens to get citizenship. Democrats are after our guns and want illegals to become citizens. Both Democrats and Republicans approve the government spying on everyone! I ask all citizens to stop watching TV and pay attention to the real danger of the real free world.

James G. LaVair

Tupper Lake