Climate science falls short

To the editor:

The national media has begun to acknowledge the inconvenient fact that climate scientists cannot explain the lack of global warming over the past 15 years or so*, despite record CO2 emissions from man-made sources. The reason some are mystified by this leveling off of temperatures is because they have put their faith in the climate models, which are based on a false assumption, namely that CO2 and other greenhouse gasses drive temperature.

The only real growing consensus is that climate scientists do not fully understand how the global climate system really works. Recent global temps are trending below every Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change climate model prediction, even the most conservative ones.** That is damning news and begs the question: Why should policy makers listen to the IPCC and people like Al Gore and James Hansen?

Many environmental groups like the Sierra Club and the Adirondack Council want President Obama and their friends in Congress to make fossil fuels like coal, gasoline and natural gas more expensive. They want to tax these relatively cheap fuels while subsidizing so-called “green energy” to make the latter seem more “affordable.” Cheap energy equals greater prosperity. Green energy, which is more expensive and less reliable, will make our country less prosperous and will probably have very little effect on global climate trends. Why are some climate scientists surprised that global temperatures are mostly affected by natural causes?

So the next time a politician claims that a new carbon tax is required to save the planet from impending doom, we should ask them what their real motive is, since it appears man-made greenhouse gasses are not significantly warming the planet. A carbon tax will make everything we buy more expensive, especially the necessities of life like food and a warm home. This will have the greatest negative impact on those who can least afford it, the poor and the elderly.

Brian Murphy

Santa Fe, N.M.

Note: I have enjoyed hiking and fishing in the Adirondacks for more than 42 years.


* The New York Times, “What to Make of a Warming Plateau,” June 10, 2013,

** Reuters, “Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown,” April 16, 2013,