If you want peace, pray for justice, equality

To the editor:

The media is not “herding people toward same-sex marriage.” It is reporting the reality of today’s world – illustrating how far we have come as a civilized and enlightened people.

No one is herding or coercing anyone into same-sex marriage. What the media is doing is celebrating one’s civil right to have the choice of a partner sanctioned by the state, along with the rights and privileges that are associated with that union.

“These people,” as Fr. Patrick O’Reilly refers to them, are your brothers and sisters, many of them Catholics, who feel turned away by rejection and non-acceptance. You (Fr. O’Reilly) claim, “These people are in a dilemma. They don’t know how they got themselves into this mess.” I claim the only dilemma is the Fr. Patrick O’Reilly dilemma. You are in the mess of misunderstanding and rejection. Rejection and non-acceptance of one’s nature can never lead to happiness. It is against the natural law!

The only positive insight you offer, Fr. O’Reilly, is that these people “sincerely seek their freedom and peace,” as do we all. And yes, they need our prayers, and continued legislation that fosters the perpetuation of civil rights for all people. Let’s celebrate American freedom, where religious belief doesn’t dictate legislation – as it does in so many parts of the world. And Fr. O’Reilly, if you truly want peace, pray for justice and equality for all our brothers and sisters – straight and gay.

Peter Lambert

Rainbow Lake