Helping students help hospice

To the editor:

On May 29, Petrova Elementary School hosted a picnic to culminate our fundraising efforts for High Peaks Hospice! The picnic was a success, thanks to many community members!

We want to pass along our appreciation to all those that helped us make the event such a wonderful success! A huge thank-you goes out to all of the local businesses that generously donated items for the picnic. Thank you to Lakeview Deli, Eat ‘n’ Meet, Renzi Foods, Stewart’s and Quandt’s Food Service.

Thank you to all the staff members at Petrova Elementary School who offered their baked items and donated their time to help serve the hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and other goodies. Thank you to Ruth Pino and her staff for sharing their expertise and time with us. An enormous thank-you also goes out to the students of Petrova Elementary School for making the beautiful posters and placemats that decorated the cafeteria walls and tables.

With our picnic and the other fundraisers held at Petrova, we were able to donate more than $2,000 to High Peaks Hospice at their recent Radio Day fundraiser! We are so proud of the students and families for the amazing job they did creating such wonderful and creative fundraisers. What a great demonstration of character and good will!


Joshua Dann

Petrova Elementary School

Saranac Lake