People without cars need Lake Placid ER

To the editor:

Before all the talk about closing the emergency room at the Lake Placid hospital, think again about all the people who don’t have cars, depending on taxis or ambulances to take them to the hospital.

My son had a heart attack; he was fortunate to be in Lake Placid, taking him by car to the ER in Lake Placid. They hooked him up and made him comfortable. He would not have had time to make it to the Saranac Lake hospital because he could have died. They took him by helicopter to Plattsburgh, which took 12 minutes. The doctor was informed about what was wrong; then stints were put in thanks to nurses and doctors at the Lake Placid ER.

Here is another instance: My friend’s husband was lucky; his brother was in town in Lake Placid and took him to the hospital, which was the Lake Placid ER. Then he was taken to Saranac Lake and ended up in Plattsburgh, having a four-way bypass.

From these episodes, don’t you think it’s important to keep the ER open for these benefits, not only for heart attacks, broken legs, arms, broken backs, etc.?

Peggy Kelly