Pendragon founders should be thanked

To the editor:

I just caught Bob Pettee’s letter in the Enterprise and wanted you to run this correction.

I thought how ironic for Bob to be thanking the greater Saranac Lake community when those of us who call it our hometown feel so very thankful for Bob and Susan’s daring success at establishing a viable theater venue in little ol’ Saranac Lake. Both Bob and Susan can live with the satisfaction of having established a legacy of a community theater after devoting the best 30 years of their lives to what they love most in life: this community and theater.

Correction: Thank you, Bob and Susan. Thank you, Bob and Susan, for leaving us Pendragon, but thank you even more for showing us what Helen Keller meant when she said life is an adventure or not worth living.

Ken Youngblood

Taos, N.M.