St. Agnes project turning out beautifully

To the editor:

On Jan. 1, 1992, my wife and I purchased our family property and began 20 years of restoration work. Some of the restoration work was minor, and some of it was major. On the big projects, there always came a point where you realize that no matter what you did from that point forward, the project was going to turn out really good.

About a month ago, Father Yonkovig gave me a tour of the church restoration project. As he was showing me around, I realized that he was at that point that no matter what was done from that point forward, the project was going to be a great success, and that everything he did from then on was just going to make the church better and better.

As Father Yonkovig was showing me around, I remembered a similar tour that Ted Blazer gave me two years ago when the Conference Center was under reconstruction. Both men put the same attention to detail, tireless efforts and loving care into their work.

Years ago, I used to help get the residents to Mass on Sunday at Uihlein. There were a few times when contagious diseases were going around and the facility and residents were on lockdown and could not go to church. With only a handful of us there, the Mass felt hollow and empty. That is when I realized that the most important part of the church is its people. Let us not lose sight that St. Agnes is not a museum but a church, and that its parishioners are its greatest strength. We should not forget that many parishes do not have their own pastor and how blessed we are to have a priest who respects the past, lives in the present and keeps his eye on the future.

On the June 22, I urge everyone to celebrate Mass at St. Agnes’ reopening and to thank Father Yonkovig for his courage and vision. We are truly blessed to have him.

Art Devlin

Lake Placid