Mountain Lake PBS welcomes Kanze’s weekly ‘All Things Natural’ podcasts to its website

Mountain Lake PBS and Ed Kanze recently announced that weekly audio podcasts of naturalist Ed Kanze’s newspaper column “All Things Natural” will be available for listening on its website.

The program is produced by Mountain Lake PBS’s Josh Clement, who also wrote, performed on acoustic guitar, and recorded the original theme music that launches each installment. “All Things Natural” has been published continuously since 1987 and approaches its one-millionth published word. It currently appears in the Bedford, NY Record-Review , where listeners and readers can find it in print.

To find all episodes of the podcast, visit

Listeners can also subscribe to the audio edition of “All Things Natural” via iTunes. A link is provided on the Mountain Lake PBS website,

Into the topical mix of “All Things Natural.” naturalist and writer Ed Kanze throws in everything but the kitchen sink and sometimes a little of that, too. One week he might write about how your beloved pet dog is really a wolf (the DNA doesn’t lie), and the next contemplate the sex lives of trees or the lonely life of the bobcat. He writes the pieces not just for nature lovers, but also with the idea of attracting even those readers and listeners who wouldn’t touch an American toad, slime mold, or bear dropping with a ten-foot pole. Sometimes the humor in “All Things Natural” is overt. Sometimes it’s subtle. Either way, it’s always there to enliven the proceedings.

A critic for the New Orleans Times-Picayune once wrote: “Anyone with an interest in nature and a sense of humor will love [Ed’s nature pieces]. Kanze speaks with several voices: that of the professional naturalist full of accurate information and scientific observations; the skilled writer with a grand sense of humor; the storyteller with a sense of drama; and the adult who has the capacity to view the world through the eyes of the curious child.”

PBS featured Ed and his nature writing in the documentary, “The Adirondacks.” It aired nationwide for the first time in May 2008.

Kanze is a contributing editor at Bird Watcher’s Digest, writes the “Wild Side” column for the Adirondack Explorer and is a frequent contributor at Adirondack Life. His book, Over The Mountain and Home Again: Journeys of an Adirondack Naturalist, was published by Nicholas K. Burns Publishing in Utica in 2006. His other books include The World of John Burroughs (Harry Abrams, hardcover, 1993; Random House/Sierra Club, 1999), Kangaroo Dreaming: An Australian Wildlife Odyssey (Random House/Sierra Club, 2000), and Notes From New Zealand (Henry Holt, 1992). Ed recently completed a novel about the explorer Henry Hudson and a nonfiction book, ten years in the making, combining natural history, personal history, and family history in the Adirondack Mountains, will be published in 2014 by the State University of New York’s Excelsior Press.

A former national park ranger, Kanze is also a lecturer, photographer, columnist, and Adirondack guide. His naturalist guiding service ( serves guests of the Lake Placid Lodge, The Point, and White Pine Camp as well as other visitors from near and far.

Kanze is a 1978 graduate of Middlebury College, Vermont. He earned a B.A. in Geography and won the Bermas Prize for highest departmental honors. He lives with his wife, Debbie, and children Ned and Tasman on eighteen acres in Bloomingdale.

“Working with a producer as talented and creative as Josh Clement is a dream, and having the fruits of our labors distributed through Mountain Lake PBS is an honor. Please listen and tell us what you think,” Kanze said.