First married 6ers, actually

To the editor:

I just read the article on the first married 6ers, which is, in fact, incorrect. My wife and I finished the first weekend on May 26, and we are included on the list as No. 13 and No. 14, which makes us the first married couple. We did not become “Ultras,” which is something we’ll eventually try to do. I hope you make the correction in your paper. The honor on being the first married 6ers is important to me and my wife, and we have already celebrated that honor together.

I guess, when it come right down to it, the fact that we are still hiking mountains together after 24 years of marriage is, in this day and age, quite the accomplishment by any measure. It could be that the mountains have kept us together. Who knows? Maybe it would be good marriage counseling. Having problems with your marriage? Go climb a mountain together.

Attached are pictures of us on McKenzie, where we started. We ended on Baker, which was the first mountain we climbed together 26 years ago. Some of the other challenges we completed together are the Kids on the Trail, Fire Tower Challenge and the Adirondack Quest. We are currently working on the 46 High Peaks together and just finished our 20th.

Anyways, congratulations to the couple you featured in your article for being the first “Ultra Married Couple.” They looked kind of young, so I hope, 24 years from now, they are still hiking mountains together also.

Steven and Dondi Saltsman