ADE editorials swing right

To the editor:

Your editorials of recent weeks indicate a substantial change in political thrust for your paper. Previously, you have devoted attention to local matters or have used the space to copy what other regional newspapers are propounding.

Now you seem to feel that your audience is in need of a strong right-wing orientation. Your issue of this date (June 20) urges us to “take back the freedoms that make us Americans.”

Well, as a senior citizen, a veteran of World War II, a retired business professional who has traveled America extensively for business reasons, I can tell you that it would be beneficial for you (and your readers) if you could raise your eyes above your foggy horizon and focus on the conditions that can best serve the best interests of your North Country readers who could use more job opportunities and, as devoted Americans, care about the natural environment that we are fortunate to live within.


Henry Parnass

Saranac Lake