What about Bloomingdale Bog trail?

To the editor:

In reply to Pete Nelson of ARTA (Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates), who put in yet another screed in favor of tearing up 130 miles of railroad track and replacing it with 130 miles of flat, mostly straight-line bike path: First thing that comes to mind is how in the world anyone would maintain such a trail – but never mind. The fact is that there is already a bike trail in our area, and just ask anyone who lives along or near the 20-mile long Bloomingdale Bog trail how much of an economic impact it has made. ARTA wrote, in a letter to this newspaper, that the bog trail is not used because it is poorly maintained. You can’t maintain 20 miles but want to create 130? That’s rather unreasonable.

Emmett Hoops

Saranac Lake