Local ecological research firm wins state bid for invasive species research

SARANAC LAKE – Adirondack Research LLC, a Saranac Lake-based ecological research firm, has been awarded a contract with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to assist the DEC Division of Lands and Forests’ Invasive Species Coordination Unit with the assessment and classification of non-native animals in the state.

Ezra Schwartzberg, owner of Adirondack Research LLC and an entomologist, is contracted to assess the ecological invasivity and socio-economic importance of non-native animal species in New York state.

The assessments will help with implementation of recommendations of the New York Invasive Species Council, a group created to coordinate among multiple state agencies and partners in addressing the environmental and economic threats of invasive species. The work will inform the official lists of known invasive animal and plant species for the purpose of regulating their sale and transport through the Invasive Species Prevention Act.

“The passage of the Invasive Species Prevention Act last year was a significant milestone in stopping the pipeline of invasive species in New York. APIPP is excited that the assessment process is under way,” said Hilary Smith, director of the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program. “It is also great to see local Adirondack-based firms with regional expertise contributing to state-wide invasive species research.”

Adirondack Research focuses on climate change and invasive species issues within the Adirondack Park and is collaborating with the New York Natural Heritage Program on this project. The contract period concludes Dec. 31.

Adirondack Research works within forest and agricultural landscapes to promote healthy ecosystems. This includes research on invasive animals, agricultural pests, beneficial organisms, climate-change resilience, ecosystem connectivity, and biodiversity. Adirondack Research contracts with state and local agencies as well as with nonprofits.