Lake Placid will replace trolleys

LAKE PLACID – The village plans to replace its two trolleys this summer.

Each of the trolleys has about 175,000 miles on it, which is around the point when the state Department of Transportation recommends a trolley be retired, Mayor Craig Randall told the village board at a Monday night meeting.

The company the trolleys come from, called Molly’s Trolleys, estimated that it would be at least a year until it could make new ones for Lake Placid, but when village officials told them that wouldn’t work, they offered to immediately sell the village two that were already made and used as display vehicles.

The trolleys will cost $140,000 each, and the village’s share will be 10 percent, for a total of $28,000.

The trolleys will be purchased on a grant program that passes state and federal funds through the county. The state covers another 10 percent of the expense, and the federal government pays the remaining 80 percent of the cost.

Earlier Monday, the Essex County Ways and Means Committee approved the county’s purchasing agent to seek bids for the new trolleys and award them.

At the village board meeting, Trustee Jason Leon asked what the plan is for the two trolleys being scrapped. Randall said they’re leased from Essex County, so it would be up to the county to figure out what to do with them. He said he assumes that if they can’t be used for public service, they will be sold.

This purchase was planned for the 2013-14 budget, which is still being worked on, but Randall said this plan would take it out of the current year’s fund balance instead, reducing the tax levy a bit.

Extra trolley

The village also plans to send some of its Department of Public Works officials to Mechanicville to look at a smaller used trolley for sale there. That trolley is being sold for $5,472, Randall said.

Trustee Peter Holderied said that price almost seems too good to be true.

If the DPW workers think the trolley is worth it, the board said it can be purchased. The money would also come out of this year’s fund balance.

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