Welfare abuse is frustrating

To the editor:

I commend Scott Grady for the letter concerning the welfare recipients using their welfare money to buy cigarettes, booze, etc. Day after day you see the same people walking the streets or hanging out at the nearest convenience store. I would hazard a guess that 90 percent of these people smoke. And they buy lottery tickets like there is no tomorrow.

Businesses all around the village have “help wanted” signs posted, but there don’t seem to be any applicants. How about these able-bodied people you see every day hanging out or going fishing or doing anything that doesn’t entail actual labor? The state made it too easy to get welfare and food stamps, to the point where the users are given debit cards instead of stamps to avoid the stigma of being on the dole. And 96 or more weeks of unemployment at a clip – who wants to work?

One more thought. Would anyone want to offer a guess as to how much it costs the state (us) for one person on welfare, food stamps, subsidized rent, health care, dental and vision services, and who knows what else?

James Sayles

Saranac Lake