DEC performs annual geese roundup, banding

SARANAC LAKE – Members of the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s wildlife staff rounded up and banded Canada geese near the state boat launch on Lake Flower Thursday.

Geese were also banded in Tupper Lake Thursday morning. The DEC team planned to head over to Lake Colby and Paul Smith’s College in the afternoon.

The bands will be used by state and federal biologists to keep track of geese and help determine hunting seasons for them, DEC wildife biologist Ben Tabor said.

Using the bands, biologists can track geese on their migratory routes and determine when and where they are flying. The bands are sometimes turned in by geese hunters.

DEC bands geese for two weeks every summer. Thursday was the final day.

The banding is done while geese are molting, which means they are shedding their flight feathers and can’t fly.

After being banded, the birds were released. Several young children, including some from nearby Kids R Us Preschool and Childcare Center, helped release the animals.