Go Digital or Go Dark: Indian Lake movie theater gets upgrade

INDIAN LAKE – Live theater, concerts, first-run and art house films, and social gatherings, the Indian Lake theater is the heartbeat of Indian Lake. Originally built as a movie house in 1938, the theater showed films for nearly seven decades before closing.

In spring 2007, a local volunteer organization completed its purchase of Indian Lake’s 250-seat Main Street theater. Their vision was to show films and stage theatrical and other productions year-round for the 1,400 residents of the community.

That vision has been realized. The Indian Lake Theater is making a difference in the daily life of this and its surrounding communities.

Now the theater has hit another milestone: going digital.

June 14 was a historic moment for the theater, said Indian Lake Theater Board President Ben Strader. It was when two kids were chosen from the audience to start the first digital movie, which was the aptly named “Epic.” Then after the film, attendees came up to the booth to check out the new projector.

All told, the digital project will cost about $80,000.

“We had to do a lot of electrical work to be up to specs for the new equipment, which added to our total,” Theater Director Danielle Shaw said. With the help of a matching grant from the Charles Wood Foundation and great donors, the theater hopes to have the new projector paid off by the end of the summer.

While the work is done, donations are needed to help fund this project. For more information or to donate, call the theater at 518-648-5950.