Block Party wasn’t very vendor-friendly

To the editor:

This is in response to the discontinuation of the annual Block Party.

Last year my local, small vending business tried to enter the Block Party as we like to be part of our local community when time allows us to be. We were told that the snack choices we served had to be limited as there were other vendors that also served these items. When all was said and done, we were only going to be able to sell two products out of eight, yet still pay the price of $100 to be a vendor, should we participate. That was discouraging for us as a small seasonal business, and therefore we did not participate.

I just wonder how many other vendors have had the same experience, and if so, no wonder people began thinking there was nothing new at the Block Party of interest. When attending Woodsmen’s Days in Tupper Lake, local county fairs, etc., there are numerous vendors with the same products, and they seem to return year after year, knowing there will be ups and downs.

Being told not to bring our business as a whole was not a way to promote the Block Party. Good luck in “reinventing” the Block Party, should it be done, and then again, maybe something different will come out of this with open minds, which will then support everyone that would like to be involved.


Katie Bradford

Lake Clear