Scholarship thanks

To the editor:

On behalf of the Women’s College Scholarship Club, we would like to congratulate all of the 60-plus winners in our 14th annual “Taste of the Good Life” raffle. We also want to give special thanks to the following businesses that have generously donated to make all of this possible:

Adirondack Wine & Liquor, Adirondack Trading Co., Amerigas, Ampersound, Bear Essentials, Blue Line Sports, Carcuzzi, Coakley High Peaks Ace Hardware, Casier Furniture, Eco Living, Goody Goody’s, Hhott House, HomEnergy, Hyde Fuel, Knit 2 Together, Kinney Drugs, Pendragon Theatre, Pink, Ray Brook Frog, Rice Furniture, Scott’s Florist, Swedish Hill Winery, Twinstate CED, Moody Tree Farm, Liz Co., Maurice’s, Sharper Image, Asian Buffet, Belvedere, Birch Bark Deli, Blue Moon Cafe, Borracho Taco, China Jade, Dunkin’ Donuts, DownHill Grill, Eat ‘n’ Meet, Fusion Market, Lakeview Deli, Little Italy, Left Bank Cafe, McKenzie’s, Mirror Lake Inn, Nonna Fina, Pack Basket, Pizza Hut, Shamrock, St. Regis Cafe, Tail o’ the Pup, Susan Camp, Adirondack Bank, Cochran Cabins, Dan Sullivan, NCCC Wellness, Paul Smith’s College, Saranac Village at Will Rogers, Paul Smith’s VIC, Heidi Gutersloh, Kathleen Keck Photography and the Wild Center.

Also special thanks to Norm Gould, manager of Kinney Drugs, and Bob Bayruns, manager of Coakley High Peaks Ace Hardware, for letting us sell raffle tickets at their stores. Also, thanks to Maurice’s and I.B. Hunt for selling raffle tickets and to Hunt’s for allowing us to display our prizes. Thank you to our WCSC members who donated cash, gift certificates and other great prizes – also to Heidi for her charming pet portraits. Finally, many thanks to Ted Morgan and the WNBZ staff for giving us so much airtime and to all of you out there who bought tickets.

We had a very successful raffle that raised more than $3,300 toward our 2013 scholarships for Saranac Lake High School graduating seniors and continuing ed adults.

See you next year!


Elaine Holmlund

Carol Bodah

Past co-presidents

Women’s College Scholarship Club

Saranac Lake