Tupper town board approves grinder pumps

TUPPER LAKE – The town board unanimously approved legislation to provide grinder pumps to the owners of vacant lots in Sewer District 23.

Local Law No. 3 will place the burden of paying for the grinder pump assembly kits on members of the district, which covers the Lake Simond and Moody road areas. Homeowners will foot the bill for installing the pumps, and the town will pay for subsequent maintenance on them.

The town will only order pump kits after a building permit is obtained and a foundation is poured or constructed on the vacant lot.

Before the law was passed, a public comment session was held. No one spoke.

“We held a public hearing on it (May 13) and agreed that everybody should have a grinder pump,” town Supervisor Roger Amell said. “When they start doing construction, the district will pay for the grinder pump, which will cost between $4,000 and $5,000.”

Amell said the cost of each pump will be less than $20 for each of the 276 homeowners in the district.

The new law allows for the installation of one pump per vacant lot. If a lot is divided subsequent to the passing of the law, the landowner will be responsible for any additional pumps.

If the parcel being developed adjoins another vacant lot in the district, a pump with a two-residence capacity must be ordered and located on or near the property line.