Late-night storm leaves its mark

SARANAC LAKE – A severe thunderstorm in the early morning hours Thursday left a swath of damage in the vicinity of Upper Saranac Lake.

The storm came on strong and unleashed a fury of particularly potent wind, rain and lightning. The worst hit around 1:30 a.m., according to Sonny Young, a resident of Bartlett Carry Road, located on the lake’s eastern shoreline.

“What first came was the thundershower, and then the winds picked up, and from there it just went downhill,” Young said.

As the storm intensified, trees began to fall, including some that pulled up parts of the shoreline. Others blocked roads, with some landing on people’s property.

“Trees landed on our house, at least one truck is crushed, and a lot of camps have trees on them,” Young said. “I went out to check my other facilities around the point here, and one area was completely locked in. I had to go around the shoreline to get out to it.”

Young estimated that the worst damage affected an area 200 to 300 feet wide and one-tenth of a mile long. Many of the trees in this area were felled.

“There are a few other camps around the circle that got hit, too,” Young said Thursday. “I’ve been cleaning it up all morning.”

There was also at least one instance of storm damage in Lake Placid. When residents of an apartment at Crestview Plaza, at 1996 Saranac Ave., woke up in the morning, they found power lines down and a tree that had fallen on a car in a parking lot.

The Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene at 7:42 a.m. with two trucks and seven members. Volunteers said the tree had broken some windows in the vehicle, and they removed most of the tree but left the part that was on the car for insurance purposes.

Volunteers were back in service at 8:21 a.m.

Staff writers Mike Lynch and Jessica Collier contributed to this report.