Thanks to mystery giver

To the editor:

My family has been summering in Saranac Lake for almost 20 years. Last night, I discovered Adirondack Daily Enterprise online because I was looking for information about this year’s Saranac Lake Block Party. We were disappointed that the party won’t take place, but we look forward to a new and improved Block Party next year.

The purpose of my letter is to write a belated public “thank you” to a Saranac Lake resident. Two years ago, my family and I had lunch at the then-new Saranac Lake DownHill Grill. After a pleasant lunch, our somewhat stunned waiter came to our table and told us that an anonymous, local benefactor had paid for our meal. Apparently, he/she was treating random diners on a regular basis.

We asked our landlord if he knew whom it could be, but he was just as stunned as the rest of us.

So thank you to that very generous person. We appreciated the treat that day, and we haven’t forgotten your act of kindness!

Charlotte Glassen

Somerset, N.J.