Too much reporting on DWI

To the editor:

I don’t believe that writing full reports about DWIs are necessary. All they do is ruin people’s lives. I can understand putting something in the police calls section, but there doesn’t need to be a full article on where, when, what car, how and who in such detail that everyone notices. I believe that Chris Knight, the author of these articles, was wrong in writing such long and detailed articles about these very personal situations. I don’t believe that doing this is very admirable or respectable.

The recent article isn’t the first that has appeared in the Enterprise and had a detrimental effect. The most recent article was about a wonderful man and community member. I’ve never seen him say a bad word about anyone, and he is a regular volunteer in the community. Previously, there have been articles about other people who didn’t deserve to have their lives ruined due to slander. They made mistakes, and I feel that some people need to be reminded of one of the most true passages in the Bible: “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone” (John 8:7). The Bible teaches us to forgive. We all have sinned in our lives, and that is what makes us human.

I think that writing these articles about the DWIs is, in itself, a sin. I’m not saying that what these individuals have done was right and that I in any way condone it, but I don’t believe it is any of our place to write an article about it with all the nitty, gritty details. Their actions will be punished, but that is the court’s job to decide, not ours. I just think that although they’ve made mistakes, it is not our job to judge them and slander their names in an unnecessary way. Thank you.

Erin Ryan

Saranac Lake

(Editor’s note: The reason the Enterprise reported in detail on this particular driving-while-intoxicated arrest is that the defendant is a town councilman. Readers tend to want more information about such incidents when they involve someone responsible for helping run a town.)