Help middle schoolers have school supplies

To the editor:

The Middle School Boosters are preparing to fill backpacks for our students in need. Over the last eight years the community has helped us to provide the supplies sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students need to start the school year ready to learn. Families qualify for the program based on income and number of children in the household, and may contact the middle school office at 518-891-4221 for an application.

To provide a pack for a student, we need to raise the following funds:

Grade 6 – $64 ($44 for supplies, $20 for a pack)

Grade 7 – $90 ($70 for supplies, $20 for a pack)

Grade 8 – $116 ($96 for supplies, $20 for a pack).

Last year we were able to provide 32 packs with the generous support of the community! We raise funds throughout each school year and purchase and fill packs every August. Any financial support or donation of backpacks and/or supplies will help us to reach our goal of providing students in need with the chance to succeed.Thank you for helping us to keep this important program going.

Donations may be sent to the Middle School Boosters, Saranac Lake Middle School, 79 Canaras Ave., Saranac Lake, NY 12983.

Feel free to contact me (518-891-3645) or Bruce VanWeelden (518-897-1653).

Maria DeAngelo

Saranac Lake