Welcome to the Challenge

The Adirondack Challenge this weekend will be good for Adirondack communities, especially the small Hamilton County town of Indian Lake, where residents are excited and ready to host.

We’ve heard that some of our readers are suffering from Cuomo fatigue right about now, on the verge of the governor’s pet project. That’s understandable, but we think that when it’s all over, there will be little worth complaining about and much to appreciate.

We get how aspects of this thing might be annoying. There’s a pungent whiff of gubernatorial ego, plus the usual awkwardness when Albany aces come up our way and try to be down-home or outdoorsy.

Some say this is all a big publicity stunt. That’s true; in fact, it’s the whole point. The governor has decided to stage this to draw the attention of New Yorkers far and wide to the Adirondack Park and its recreational opportunities.

Keep in mind that most New Yorkers actually know very little about the Park, and they think about it even less. They’ll notice, however, a river race between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It will hopefully plant in their minds the idea of how fun it would be to go whitewater rafting, canoeing or kayaking in the Adirondacks.

Remember, roughly half the state’s population lives in New York City, and a solid majority is downstate. They are potential visitors. This is a good chance to reach and hopefully convert them.

We welcome one and all to Indian Lake and the Adirondacks this weekend. We hope the challenge is a hit. We also encourage Adirondackers to make the trip down to Indian Lake Sunday to check it out. You won’t be able to see much of the races, but the Adirondack Challenge Festival in Byron Park will be full of family activities and regional specialties. See the schedule printed on today’s Page A3 or online: iloveny.com/summer/themes/adk-challenge.