GMO Free Adirondacks marches against Monsanto

TUPPER LAKE – On May 25, an estimated 2 million people worldwide joined together under the “March Against Monsanto” banner in 436 cities in 52 countries, and a group called GMO Free Adirondacks joined the march in Tupper Lake.

Demonstrators took to the streets in the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., Brazil, Germany, Australia, Japan and many more to protest against Monsanto, the world’s largest agricultural biotechnology corporation and the industry leader of genetically engineered seeds and herbicides.

GMO Free Adirondacks is a chapter of GMO Free GMO Free NY’s mission is to inspire and empower New Yorkers to help pass legislation that mandates the labeling of GMO foods sold for retail in the state.

“Our Adirondack chapters mission is quite the same,” Tupper Laker Joy Moody said in a press release. “Our mission is to educate, to make GMO Food labeling the law, and to stop the production of GMOs.”

Genetically modified plants are grown from genetically modified, or engineered, seeds, which are created to resist insecticides and herbicides so that crops can be grown to withstand a weed-killing pesticide or integrate a bacterial toxin that can ward off pests.

“I suggest that everyone educate themselves about GMO foods,” said Joy Moody, a leader of GMO Free Adirondacks. “We have all kinds of literature to share with you to help you learn about them. If the GMO foods were labeled it would make it much easier to avoid them, but now they are hidden in our foods. This might be the first time you’ve ever heard of them, but I’ll say that once you start researching GMO’s you’ll be amazed at how much information is out there. Learn so that you can feed yourself and your family healthily. If you already know what they are and would like to see the Bills passed; please call your Assembly members and Senators as soon as possible. If you need phone numbers we have a list, just call.”

A petition to make GMO food labeling a law is at the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library and is circulating around Tupper Lake. Moody is asking anyone interested to sign it.

For more information, join the group on Facebook at GMO Free Adirondacks or go to

Moody also touts another good source of information as the movie “Genetic Roulette.” Her group has held three public showings of it in Tupper Lake and plans to hold screenings in other Adirondack towns and villages. Group and individuals interested in screening the film should contact Moody at 637-7628.