Scare tactic at adult center

To the editor:

WHOM are you trying to scare?

Its not clear who wrote the notice that was placed at the seniors’ lunch places on Friday, since it wasn’t signed, but I’m against making decisions without all the facts.

This notice instills fear with all the negatives implied that would happen IF the ASCFC (Association for Senior Citizens in Franklin County) pulls the meals from the Saranac Lake Adult Center. We have not received information stating that is their intent at this time.

First, I would like to say there will still be a SLAC as long as the seniors want a center. We as an organization own the center – not the meals program or the director to run mandated programs. We own this building, operate our own financial affairs, pay all expenses and volunteer our time to keep US going at the center and in the community.

Things may change, but we will still be here. We can provide our meals and programs if we have to. We are a volunteer group that works hard to do the things that are important for us. We can certainly adjust to new ways – that is our life!

Second, I think the association misses one big point of having the meals here under their program. A simple fact is that this place outside our homes to socialize keeps seniors alert and healthy. Having a meal here gives us a reason to get dressed and come here to see our friends every day when our days are emptier than they used to be. This keeps us on the road from being homebound and out of the nursing home. It keeps us active and a vital part of the community and a bigger world.

The biggest point omitted is the very real fact that BANNING anyone from our center is against the very principles of the government of this country. They are asking our board to go back and ban someone from the center. With or without their meal program, the Saranac Lake Adult Center is a public place. Discrimination is against the law.

Perhaps the association should work with the board to assure their programs are run in a place that is open to all seniors without discrimination to help them enrich their lives in a positive manner.

With sincere concerns,

Joan A. Hutson

Saranac Lake