Five-story hotel is too much

To the editor:

The new hotel planned for Lake Flower is a flawed design. If everyone will remember not so long ago about a dispute over a fence in town with complaints of not being able to see the lake – so what do you think will happen in this case?

There is a beauty and charm in Saranac Lake, which is a quaint village and with breathtaking and beautiful views of the lake as you drive the road into and out of town. This developer will stunt everything around it with a five-story hotel. I am all for progress and smart development, but this idea is not good progress and definitely not smart development. If this hotel is laid out correctly on the amount of land he owns, there is no need to go five stories high to accomplish the same results of 90-plus rooms.

I say no to this design and this project as it stands! Send it back to the drawing boards. Also what traffic studies have been done? What will be the environmental impact be, etc.? Don’t ruin the look and quaintness of our town. Say no, and/or let the town people vote on it with a referendum.

Thank you,

Scott Goldman