Sad state of affairs at adult center

To the editor:

More than 30 years ago, a group of citizens got together and decided to form a Saranac Lake senior citizen group. They would meet ever so often and have social meetings and got to know other local senior citizens. After a while the group expanded, and they decided to move forward a bit and get a clubhouse where they could have their meetings, lunches, play cards and bingo, and just socialize. This was a big step for them, and they worked hard to make money to afford the building by having homemade quilt (made by Mamie Hogan) raffles, a white elephant (secondhand) store (Anna Premo) and Monday night bingo, food sales and anything to make a few dollars.

Not many of the original members are still living, but if they were, they would be horrified at what is happening in their hard-earned building. There is a group of adults (?) who act like spoiled, mean kids who don’t care whom they hurt as long as they get what they want. Well, Gina is gone! Get over her, move on, get a life. Your current, wonderful, smart director has resigned, and who can blame her with the way that some of you treated her?

When and if you get a new director, welcome her/him and be nice to her/him. Start having good times together at the center; that is what it is for. It should be like home away from home with your fellow members. Have it a clubhouse for senior citizens like the original members planned it to be. Work together, and forget the recent past. Start fresh, and many of you should come for lunch, sit together and enjoy each other. Find out about the interesting lives that many of you had while living in other places – not all of you were lucky enough to be born and brought up in Saranac Lake, the biggest little city in the Adirondacks. Welcome new members who will come if you start acting like grown-ups. Get some exercise downstairs. Start a new life at the Saranac Lake Adult Center.


Dorothy Metz

Saranac Lake