Living History: Dr. Russell Shefrin

SARANAC LAKE?- Many residents of Saranac Lake came to live here because of the tuberculosis curing era; this is no exception for Dr. Russell Shefrin, who, as a small child, moved here with his family when his father was completing “the cure” at the Trudeau San.

Russ, his sister, Gail, and his mother, Anne, first lived in town but then moved to the “grounds” (as the campus was known) of Ray Brook Sanatorium, where his father obtained a position on the medical staff.

“When I was young, it always seemed that Ray Brook was worlds away from Saranac Lake,” he said.

He had to take a cab to get to kindergarten at the River Street School in Saranac Lake, although, later, he rode a school bus. The long ride seemed to contribute to a sort of boundary between the village and Ray Brook.

While in high school, Russ, his teacher, Dr. Schroll, and some other students became among the first civilians to explore the crash site of the B-47 bomber which collided with Wright Peak during the winter of 1962.