In support of gay marriage

To the editor:

I had considered responding to a previous letter sent by this gentleman a few weeks ago on this very same topic of marriage. However, concurrent with that, the Supreme Court rendered its decision which went a long way in memorializing the right of two consenting adults to marry.

I appreciate the fact that what I write here will not likely alter the author’s opinion, but to remain silent on the second letter is a form of assent, and I wish to offer a rejoinder.

I had thought of offering the argument that when two people love each other, they have the right to marry. While I do subscribe to this position, there are also marriages of convenience, arranged marriages and marriages which are ill conceived from an interpersonal destructiveness. But capable adults are permitted to make these choices. There are no objective metrics to support that same-sex marriage is any more or less beneficial to the individuals who marry or the community at large than any other marriage.

People may continue to have strong personal objections to these relationships, as still exist among some in regard to inter-racial, interfaith, age difference, etc., matrimony. However, through legislation or the court action, these prejudices are no longer barriers to marriage.

Historically, we are better for it when greater rather than less diversity is allowed to exist.

I celebrate when any two people I know make a decision that brings them greater happiness and fulfillment. No one can know the long-term outcome of a marital bond, but we all have a right as capable grown-ups to make this choice.

So to all, live in peace, live in love, and live in acceptance.

Steve DeHond

Saranac Lake