Village should help Palace transition

To the editor:

I read with interest of the struggle of the Lake Placid Palace to raise funds necessary to secure digital projectors now required to show films currently distributed. It’s indisputable that the Palace’s continued operation is necessary if Lake Placid is to remain a favored tourist destination. Its loss would also eliminate the contribution to the cultural life of the community this theater makes.

According to Mayor Craig Randall, the village can’t contribute to this effort, for to do so would “benefit a private enterprise.” That’s a very shortsighted view of reality, as undoubtedly the village’s economy benefits greatly from the continued operation of this venerated institution. Incentives to locate and remain in a community are routinely provided to private enterprises by municipalities throughout this state; the most prominent subsidize constructing sports stadiums. Lake Placid authorities must have the ingenuity to fashion one for the Palace now.

Lewis Rosenberg

Paul Smiths