BluSeed hosts special exhibit, ‘Paper Migration’

Exhibit runs Aug. 1 to Sept. 15

Opening: 5 to 7 p.m. tonight

Saranac?Lake artists

Jen Kretser, John LaFalce, Katherine Levin-Lau, Larry Poole, Peter Seward, Carol Vossler

Mazatlan, Mexcio artists

Elina Chauvet, Dory Perdomo Median, David Robb, Nan Robb, Glen Rogers, Lucila Santiago, Rafael Avila Tirado, Jose Carlos Flores Zazueta

SARANAC LAKE?- BluSeed Studios Art Exhibition: “Paper Migration – A Cross-Border Exploration of Art, Culture and Community” is an international collaborative exchange between BluSeed Studios, in Saranac Lake and a cooperative of artists in Mazatlan, Mexico, including Glen Rogers Studio, Luna: Arte Contemporaneo, and the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism, and Art of Mazatlan (Cultura).

Through art exhibitions, workshops, public lectures and street performance, the exchange uses art as a tool to transcend borders, challenge stereotypes and create cultural awareness and artistic collaboration through two cultural exchanges of 14 artists in Saranac Lake and Mazatlan, Mexico. This exchange allows parties form both sides of the border to live amongst the local residents working with community organizations and sharing an aesthetic that diverges from the typical “North Country” or “Mexican Style” art. Instead it shows a find art approach to social, political questions and environmental issues that a “border” cannot contain.

For more information, visit or call 518-891-3799.