Thank you from the Parent Faculty Organization

To the editor:

With enormous help and support from the community, the Saranac Lake High School Parent Faculty Organization was able to purchase 25 Chromebooks and a mobile computer cart for the students at the high school.

Two years ago, Principal Bruce Van Weelden approached a few parents and made us aware of the need for a parent group at the high school level. Parents tend to become less active when their children reach the high school, but studies show students do better when parents get involved in the educational process. So a small group was formed.

After our first meeting, we polled the teachers to see what they thought would enhance the educational experience for the students, and the consensus was a mobile computer lab. This lab would supplement the computers used in the library and allow the teachers to wheel the new computers right into their classrooms, without having to reserve space in the media center.

Our group got busy with various fundraisers, and after a little over a year, we were able to reach our goal. It wouldn’t have been possible without the vision and leadership of Bruce Van Weelden, who saw the value of a PFO and provided his guidance every step of the way. Caroleigh Messerole, the IT coordinator for the district, went above and beyond her job description to ensure we were getting technology that was compatible with our needs, and Seth Putnam in the Library Media Center went the extra mile for us as well.

We would also like to thank the many businesses and individuals who helped us reach our goal, especially the Blue Moon Cafe for sponsoring our spaghetti dinner, and the Women’s Civic Chamber for their generous donation.

The PFO will continue to work on behalf of the students at the high school again in the fall. Please join us at our next meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, in the Library Media Center. Help us decide on our next project!


LeeAnne Baker

Saranac Lake