Tell legislators how you feel about food stamp cuts

To the editor:

Aug. 1 is a significant day in our national calendar. It is the beginning of a month long paid recess for our national House of Representatives. This year, so far, has been a reproduction of what this legeslative body had accomplished last year: 28 votes to repeal Obamacare, passage of a farm bill that lacks any funding for food stamps and lots of talk.

A few words about food stamps. Approximately 48 million people currently receive food stamp benefits. If the House of Representatives has its way, 5 million of these people would be deprived of this benefit.

Does this sound reasonable to you? Fortunately, our other legeslative body, the Senate, has refused to go along with such draconian reductions.

This is an opportunity for us to tell our legislators how we feel about the potential House action.


Henry Parnass