Thanks for Ironman success

To the editor:

Ironman 2013 has come and gone and the Wilmington Bike Aid Station must thank several people and businesses in Wilmington for their help in making it successful.

Chief Adragna of the Wilmington Fire Department, Roy and Becky Holzer of the Little Supermarket, who furnished the breakfast food and delicious lunch for the volunteers and the DJ. Linda Preston who was the breakfast chef and lunch organizer. Doug Seguin of Silverlake Sounds who was not only our DJ but assisted with EMT duties.

Marcel Bruce, Amy Peck, Jacob Burns and Bill McGreevy from the Wilmington Fire Department. Bill and Jacob were at the firehouse at 6:00 a.m. and Jacob stayed all day till we left at 5:30 p.m. Gene and Billie Loughran who allowed the DJ to set up in your front yard. Bill Skufca, Ironman, for helping unload the supply truck on Saturday. The 125 volunteers who helped the Ironmen in almost every way possible.

Ironman brings an incredible number of athletes and visitors to our area. In 15 years Ironman has donated almost 1.2 million dollars to non profits in the area. All of this money stays local. Many youth programs has received donations in addition to Ironman donated money after the flood from Irene in 2011 to help the towns of Jay and Keene.

This year we saw our own Bill Skufca complete the Ironman. Next year we can look forward to Roy Holzer completing the race. Everyone come out and support Roy next year.

Diane Kirby and Shannon Stanley