Help the puppies

A horrendous act of animal cruelty has left the North Country shocked and saddened. Last month, the owner of the Northern Puppies pet shop in Plattsburgh, Tammy Staley, was charged with 20 counts of cruelty after animals were found covered in feces and urine and confined in small cages, resulting in two dead kittens and others in poor health. Then last week, her husband, Michael Staley, was arrested for allegedly dumping 24 puppies throughout Clinton County in order to avoid vet bills and feeding them.

Without preaching to the choir on how neglecting and dumping animals is a slow and traumatizing form of killing, there are other ramifications. Such bad judgment often reflects how that person is willing to treat others. This is a sign to be aware of since statistics show cruelty to animals sometimes precedes similar behavior toward humans, possibly family and friends.

We are saddened to hear there are still puppies missing but glad to know many people came together to help. We are thankful we have responsible and caring police, veterinarians and townspeople who support their humane societies.

Our local Tri-Lakes Humane Society was involved in the rescue of one puppy. It was found in the town of Saranac, which contracts with the agency for the important services of animal rescue, care and adoption.

To continue to fight for animal protection, we encourage showing support by volunteering or donating. For these rescued puppies alone there is more than $20,000 in vet bills to be paid. To help, or if you find a puppy, call the Plattsburgh city police at 518-563-3411.

For continual support, remember your local humane society or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal where puppies and kittens are not sold for profit; they are just found loving homes.