Pine Street, Tupper Lake sewer project moves forward

TUPPER LAKE – The Pine Street Sewer Rehabilitation Project in this village is three votes closer to completion.

At a special meeting last week, Mayor Paul Maroun and village board members David “Haji” Maroun and Leon Leblanc approved Task Order Number 14, which means consulting, design, engineering and management company Malcolm Pirnie Inc. will provide services for the project.

Those services are slated to cost the village about $32,000 and will include surveying the area for property lines and easements to complete the project design, handling document preparation and permitting, working with the contractor as the village’s representative during the construction process, and overseeing the work during construction.

The rehabilitation will take place near the corner of Pine and Oak streets and will include replacing an existing sanitary manhole, connecting existing pipes to the new manhole and replacing approximately 50 feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer line. The village will go out to bid for contractors once a request for proposal is complete.

“It’s a critical manhole area, right down by Little Wolf Creek,” Maroun said. “This project has already been budgeted for in this year’s budget.”

The rehabilitation project is not a new idea. It has been in the works for about two years, and approximately $82,000 was allotted for it in this year’s wastewater budget.

While discussing Malcolm Pirnie, village Clerk Mary Casagrain suggested designating a village engineer to work on future projects.

“This way we wouldn’t have to go out to bid on each project,” Casagrain said. “Our engineer would be our engineer for any future sewer or water needs. There would be a retainer per project, but they’d be our consultant.”

The board voted to have a bid order for an engineer published by Aug. 28. A possible deadline for bids from interested parties is Sept. 12.

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