Removing Doug’s Placid director is hurtful

To the editor:

I am a parent of a child who has been at Doug’s Place for more than four years. My child has been under the direct care of Rhonda Preston for a good portion of these years. I have never had a single reason to question her ability to care for my child or any of the children in the center. She is very knowledgeable and professional about childhood development and very experienced in supervising children of various ages.

My child has always been safe in her care, and the care of her staff, and has benefited emotionally from their combined nurture. I can confidently say that Rhonda Preston runs a wonderful day care. She is unquestionably competent in the welfare and education of our children.

There are rules at Doug’s Place that the children learn to follow and respect. These rules support good and deter bad behaviors. Every parent I have ever talked with in all these years shares my feelings about Rhonda’s rules, which are designed to keep all the children safe, such as separating a biting child from the population before he or she harms another. This is pure common sense and basic behavior modification. All of Rhonda’s implemented guidelines in child care have been completely transparent and have always been within normal and legal parameters.

The state offices are ignoring the many parents who have called in support of Rhonda. They have strangely chosen to only listen to the negative and frankly, unfounded allegations. If all of these accusations stem from one parent’s perceived treatment of his or her child, a parent who simply has philosophical differences from the program’s director, then perhaps the state should question its source and look into this further by asking the opinions of all the other parents with children at the center. The majority of opinion should have great bearing in this matter. A singular, disgruntled parent with a growing vendetta should be the obvious party to separate from the harmonious mix which has been everyone else’s experience up to this surreal episode.

Removing Rhonda from the day care, and ostensibly eradicating a well-needed pre-K program, has not only disrupted numerous lives but wrongfully tainted a competent professional. All of the precious children at Doug’s Place deserve a judicious resolution to this unnecessary chaos so they can continue their serene existence at this first-rate day care.


Kristen Sandler

Lake Clear