Save ‘The Rock’

To the editor:

As a lot of your readers know, the Lake Placid Bandshell is getting a much-needed renovation. With public and private support, it will be replaced with a beautiful new structure. In doing so, the ground needs to be raised to make more dancing space, improve the wheelchair access and have better control of water runoff.

The only sacrifice in this plan is “The Rock” – the rock that the kids play on in front of the current bandshell. I played on it as a kid, and my children play on it now. It is a very important characteristic of this park and needs to be saved.

Now because The Rock is too big to be moved, and the ground level needs to be raised, we have figured out a work-around solution. We are going to get a replacement rock, transport it and put it on top of the current rock. To do this, we need the help of your readers. Currently the Bandshell Park Fund is $40,000 short, and there is no extra money to move the rock. We need to raise money to “Save the Rock.”

To raise awareness for this cause, we have created a Facebook page to support it: On this page there are directions to the Adirondack Community Trust website along with how and where to support the Bandshell Park Fund. As well on this Facebook page, you can learn some “fun facts” about The Rock, like …

-Did you know that both Thomas Edison and Melvil Dewey sat on it?

-Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt sat on The Rock to decide if he was going to accept the presidency after hearing of McKinley’s impending death?

-Did you know that studies have shown that children who climb on rocks while listening to music have a 70 percent greater chance of success in life?

-Did you know that the lead singer for Def Leppard sat on this rock when he composed “Rock of Ages”?

-Did you know that almost all rainbows end here? The mineralogical testing is not complete yet, but there is a strong suspicion that the center of the rock is solid gold.

There are more “fun facts” on the Facebook page now, and we hope to add even more in the future. My practice, Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, has promised to match funds up to $1,000 for donation to the Bandshell Park Fund at; donate with special instruction to “Save the Rock.”

Please donate.

Jeff Erenstone

Lake Placid

P.S.: None of the “fun facts” on the Facebook page can be verified and may not be “fact” at all. But I think they are “fun.”

P.P.S.: Even if you don’t care about The Rock, the bandshell is a worthy cause of your donations.