Needed more than handshake agreement

To the editor:

The money that the village is paid for Saranac Lake 6er merchandise is used for promoting the Saranac Lake 6er. There are already more than 200 6ers and more each day. Promoting the 6er is positive for our village.

My understanding is that local beer brewer Mark Gillis had a handshake agreement to pay the village $1 for every 6er growler he sold. After selling several hundred growlers, he decided that was too much to pay and wanted to renegotiate. Now he has sold 1,500 growlers, and not one penny has been paid to the village. Mayor Rabideau and Trustee Pelletieri both endeavored to negotiate a new deal with Gillis. Given past history, however, it is time for Gillis or other brewers to put it in writing by responding to a formal request for proposals (RFP), so it can be firmed up into a written contract that must be performed like any other village contract. That is what all four trustees, including myself and Trustee Pelletieri, voted for last week.

Notwithstanding his comments in Saturday’s Adirondack Daily Enterprise story, I hope Mr. Gillis submits a bid, as the RFP was written to favor his local business.

Paul Van Cott


Village of Saranac Lake