Needs a fix

To the editor:

At the urging of Henry Parnass’ letter to the editor of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, asking people to let elected officials know how they feel about food stamps, I could not agree more!

I feel this system is broken and needs to be fixed. It is bureaucracy at its worst! If there are currently approximately 48 million people on food stamps, then I would say that it is a good guess that about 5 million should not be getting it at all. You know that, and I know that because we see it every day. We also see many people who should be getting more benefits ending up deprived because of the abuse and waste that does occur.

It should not be a matter of just cutting the funding. It should be a matter of cutting it from those individuals who should not be receiving it! It should be about cleaning up the entire program and then applying those savings to social reforms and redistribution of assistance to those who truly need it. Without any increase in funding, we all know that more should be going to the elderly and those who are truly incapacitated – not to baby factories and lazy men!

In New York state, the New York State Public Assistance Integrity Act – which would have stopped the legal use of assistance money from being used to purchase lottery tickets, tobacco, gambling and alcohol – was allowed to die a legislative death once again! Yes, the LEGAL USE of New York state assistance money going to recipients – money provided by you and me, so they can have fun while we work and others, not well enough to have fun, remain deprived!

Most everyone I have talked to thought the same as I did. That persons on welfare purchased items such as cigarettes and alcohol underhandedly. They do not! In New York state it is legal – just a quick flash of the welfare credit card.

Like Henry, I urge everyone to let your representatives know how you feel. You can find more information about this issue and how to contact your representatives at

Scott Grady

Lake Placid