Doug’s Place is ‘best school’

To the editor:

I am writing as a parent of two children who have attended Doug’s Place and of a newborn who is scheduled to start attending in January. I cannot express enough how saddened our family is by the allegations against Rhonda Preston. We have experienced nothing but the highest quality of care for our children over the past six years at Doug’s Place. My son formed such a bond with Ms. Rhonda that even as he now enters first grade, he still longs to return to what he says was his “best school.”

Since becoming a parent, Doug’s Place has enabled my husband and I to go to work each day with full confidence that our children were being loved, respected and valued by Rhonda and her staff. I don’t think parents could ask for more when it comes to child care. Because Rhonda was doing her job, we were able to do ours. I hope the state’s investigation uncovers the truth: Doug’s Place has always provided the most appropriate and nurturing care to all its children.


Kelsey Francis

Lake Placid