Feldenkrais workshop is a pleasant surprise

To the editor:

On Aug. 17, two Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais workshops took place at Paul Smith’s College. Workshop attendees varied in many ways, and all were willing to try something new. Some were physically able; others were restricted in movement. One attendee was wheelchair bound. The approximate age range of the group was 45 to 92 years. Some had never heard of the Feldenkrais method and wanted to experience the movements; others had never heard of the method and desired one of its purported benefits of relieving pain. All found that, despite its strange name, performing the gentle movements associated with Feldenkrais seemed to have a large impact.

All attendees enjoyed Uwe Mester’s easy-going nature and valued his expertise in somatic education. Uwe, who became a Feldenkrais practitioner after experiencing his own back trauma, taught the group that the brain needs to remind the body of movements that it had long ago forgotten, resulting in freeing sensations and greater ease of movement. At the end of one of the sessions, Mr. Mester was given a standing ovation by an attendee who was overcome by his personal experience during the previous two-and-one-half hours. Others approached the practitioner in order to secure a private session to be held the next day.

Many thanks are in order as most residents of the Tri-Lakes region were not familiar with the movement therapy. First, I would like to thank Ms. Susan Moore of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, who was able to take a lot of information and condense it into a form that would be most useful to newspaper readers. My second thanks goes to Nori’s Village Market, whose staff gladly allowed the placement of a poster on their bulletin board. It is no secret that the bulletin board at Nori’s is the best in the area, both in size and scope. Mr. Tim Chien and Ms. Shelley LaPorte of Balanced Bodywork and Massage in Lake Placid are to be thanked as they willingly shared workshop details with clients who might have benefited from experiencing the Feldenkrais method. And finally, a thank-you to the participants who took a chance on something unfamiliar and were pleasantly surprised.

Those interested in learning more about Feldenkrais, future Feldenkrais sessions or other events to be held at Paul Smith’s College Saunders Sports Complex are encouraged to contact the Athletics and Recreation department at 518-327-6097.


Patricia Coppola

Saranac Lake